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Government of the Republic of Vanuatu
The official website for the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority
Vanuatu continues to provide a unique investment climate for international companies and individual foreign investments due to our many advantages that you will find more about in this website

Vanuatu Meteorological Services
The Vanuatu Meteorological Service is a Department within the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (MIPU).VMS Mission: To observe and understand Vanuatu’s weather and climate and provide meteorological and related services in support of Vanuatu’s national needs and international obligation.

International Office Contacts

# Name Position E-mail Phone Fax
1 GTI Tourism VTO Australia Representatives +61 2 9028 5281
2 Susan Herrick VTO North America Representative +931 924-5253 +931 924-1866
3 Martine Robin VTO Francophone Countries Representative (678) 267 18
4 Jacquie Carson VTO New Zealand Representative (649) 277 6060 (649) 277 6065
5 Chiaki Takano VTO Japan Representative +81-3-5259-8419 +81-3-5259-8429
6 Willie Jimmy Tapangararua VTO China, Ambassador Representative (86) 10-65320337 (86) 10-65320336
7 Jeanette McKeague Baude VTO European Representative 00 33 6 61 64 97 70

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