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Trade, Tourism, Commerce and Industry

The Ministry of Trade, Tourism, Commerce and Industry co-ordinates the formulation and implementation of government’s policy for the development of tourism, commerce and industry through promoting and facilitating increased investment and trade by local and foreign investors. Government policy on investment and trade is to:

Promote and facilitate inter-island trade and marketing of goods and services
Develop an export trade capability for Vanuatu within the overall framework of regional and international trade agreements
Promote and facilitate increased investment in Vanuatu by foreign investors
Promote tourism development
Promote the establishment of processing and manufacturing industries

The Ministry coordinates the functions performed by:
Department of Trade, Industry and Commerce
National Tourism Development Office
Food Technology Centre

It also maintains close working relationship with:

Vanuatu Tourism Office
Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority
Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board

The objective of the Ministry is to ensure that the policies of the government of the day are implemented to achieve increased socio-economic advancement of the people of this country through increased investment and trade.This will be achieved through the following programmes:

Programme 1: Strengthen planning and implementation (within and between Ministries and the privatesector)
Programme 2: Promotion of Foreign Investment
Programme 3: Tourism promotion and development
Programme 4: Promote and facilitate the establishment of processing and manufacturing industries with a special focus on agro-processing
Programme 5: Trade promotion and facilitation

These programmes will be implemented to achieve the above objective and to address three gaps in the economy:
(a)Savings gap – the lack of investment funds from domestic savings
(b)Imbalance of trade – the excess of imports over exports
(c)Fiscal gap – the gap between recurrent revenue and expenditure

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